Thinning Hair - coping with female hair loss

Female hair loss is not discussed much in the media or in advertising campaigns, yet 40% of women will experience it by the age of 50.

Thinning hair is difficult for many women to discuss openly, adding a sense of shame to a situation we have little to no control over and often, even less understanding of.

Reasons for hair loss vary. Depending on the cause, a variety of ways exist to combat thinning hair, and to disguise it as well! 

This week is about the causes of hair loss in women; some treatment options available; and several ways to hide thinning hair.

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Episode 7 - Thinning Hair - coping with female hair loss

Thinning hair - coping with female hair loss

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Here's a recap of this week's topic...

Primary Causes of Hair Loss in Women Over 40

Hormonal Shifts
Cancer treatments
Medical conditions
Pulling and tugging on hair
Thinning hair

Gray hair not only loses pigment (melanin), but the "filling" inside the hair follicle (medulla) diminishes. Each strand of hair literally becomes thinner, which is another contributing factor to hair loss.

Treatments available for Women with Hair Loss

Hair loss due to the aging and genetics can be treated by the following methods:

Minoxidil (Rogaine) 
HairMax Laser Comb
Hair transplant surgery 
Plasma injections
Steroid treatments

Serums are available in hair care product lines that stimulate hair regrowth at the follicle by providing needed vitamins. I mention the brand that I'm currently using in the video. Click HERE to shop.

For more information on causes, treatment and the prevention of hair loss, click HERE.

Ways to Hide Thinning Hair

Hair loss
thinning hair
Get your hair cut - shorter layers provide more body
Use volumizing products - I have a list for you at the end of the blog!
Color your hair - hair color adds dimension to your look and volume to individual strands of hair
Zig-zag your part - or part your hair on the opposite side
hair toppers
Try hair extensions or a topper
Use a fiber powder - hair-like fibers are deposited on hair to add bulk
Add scalp concealer - similar to root spray, covering your light scalp with cream or powder to match your hair will make your hair appear thicker

To Wrap It Up...

Investigate the cause of your hair loss; evaluate your treatment and coping options; and choose the right course of action for you. 

Comment below on your experience with hair loss. Feel free to provide product recommendations, list additional resources or ask questions. 

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