Fountain of Youth: the importance of staying hydrated

Does a Fountain of Youth really exist? I sure hope so! But until we find it, we can choose to look better and look younger simply by staying hydrated inside and out.

This week's beauty secret is simple and yet we don't often consider whether or not we are staying hydrated when considering our beauty routine. Let's discuss some common myths about hydration as well as lots of suggestions to help you find ways to hydrate that appeal to you. 

Not only must we hydrate from within, but our skincare routine must provide appropriate hydration as well. Hydrating masks, gels, and patches are all the rage, so take advantage of the large selection and enjoy some "me-time" while you improve your skin. 

Fountain of Youth: the importance of staying hydrated - Episode #33

Beauty Secret #2:
The Fountain of Youth - Staying hydrated!

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The Fountain of Youth

Staying hydrated

As we age, maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance becomes a top priority. However, achieving and maintaining healthy skin and overall well-being requires more than just the right skincare products or makeup techniques. One crucial element that often goes overlooked is hydration. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of hydration, both internally and externally, and how it can enhance your health and beauty.

Hydration Myths

Over the years, some statements about hydration have been exaggurated or discovered to be incorrect. The following statements were thought to be true at one time, but we now know they are actually false.  

Myth: Everyone should have 8-10 8 oz glasses of water per day.
Truth: each person's ideal liquid intake differs based on weight, activity level, climate, medications, and other factors.
Myth: Liquid is the only way to rehydrate.
Truth: Juicy fruits and vegetables also provide about 20% of our hydration needs.
Myth: If you're thirsty, you must be dehydrated.
Truth: Thirst can be triggered by spicy or salty foods, but this is not an indication of dehydration.
Myth: You can never have "too much" water.
Truth: You absolutely CAN have too much water, especially if you are an athlete or have certain medical conditions. Although rare, injesting significantly more water than needed can lower your sodium levels to dangerous levels. 

The benefits for our body of adequate hydration are many, and include: improved digestion, better mental clarity, proper absorption of nutrients, and the flushing out of toxins. Our skin also benefits by being well-hydrated. Proper hydration stimulates collagen production which promotes elasticity; keeps our cells plump which makes our skin appear smooth and delays the onset of fine lines and wrinkles; rids impurities and therefore reduces the occurance of acne; improves circulation which diminishes undereye circles; and provides a natural radiant glow!

We must also be sure to hydrate our skin from the outside by using quality skincare products formulated for our skin type. Be sure that you cleanser is not stripping your skin of its natural oil and that you use moisturizer even if you have oily skin! Remember, oil and water are two different things! 

And take advantage of the many hydrating skincare "extras" that are available, such as sheet masks, gels, and hydrating patches.

Ingredients to look for:

Hyaluronic acid
Recommended product:
Clinical Solutions HA + Ceramide Hydrator

Recommended product: Timewise Moisture Renewing Gel Mask
Recommendended product: Timewise Repair Lifting Bio Cellulose Mask
cucumber extract
Recommended product: Timewise Body Targeted Action Toning Lotion
aloe vera
Recommended product:
Timewise Firming Eye Cream

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Final Thoughts...

Hydration is a fundamental aspect of maintaining both your beauty and overall health, especially as you age. By prioritizing internal hydration through adequate water intake and incorporating hydrating skincare products into your routine, you can achieve a youthful, radiant complexion. Remember, hydrated skin is healthy skin!

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