Spring Break Prep 2023 - get vacation ready from head to toe (for women 40 and over)

Are you going on vacation over Spring Break 2023? Have you taken time to prepare yourSELF for vacation and not just your suitcase? When we feel relaxed, pretty, and prepared, our vacation experience will be even more amazing! Here are 5 things to do to get ready for spring break - especially for those over 40! Go to my blog post for a freebie offer that includes a self-care checklist that you can use to stay on task! Feel free to include your tips for vacation prep & packing must-haves in the comments for the rest of us to benefit from.

Spring Break Prep 2023 - Episode #23

Spring vacation 2023 - prep tips & packing list for women 40+

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Getting Ready for Spring Vacation


Enjoy your spring vacation to the fullest when you are prepped and ready to go from head to toe! 

Top 5 Tips to get Spring Break Ready!

Exfoliate & Moisturize (consider a cellulite cream)
Create a glow with a spray tan or self tanner
Remove unwanted hair in exposed areas 
Pedicure and manicure (are you open to trying Press-On nails?)
Pack in advance

Packing List of Essentials for Women 40+

  • walking shoes
  • scalp & hair mist with SPF
  • chlorine removal shampoo
  • wide-brimmed hat
  • cover up
  • sunglasses
  • lip balm
  • dry shampoo
  • handcream
  • towelettes (all sorts)
  • detangling comb
  • blotting paper

Final Thoughts...

Sometimes we spend more time daydreaming about our upcoming vacation than we do actually preparing for it. Let's take the time to get ourselves and our suitcases ready to make our spring break 2023 all it can be. 

Have a wonderful and relaxing time!

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Michelle Fox

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