Do Red Light Therapy Masks Really Work?

Posted August 25, 2023 by Michelle Fox

Do Red Light Therapy Masks really work or are they just a lot of hype? I have to admit that I was doubtful about LED Light Therapy Masks being able to reduce the visible signs of aging even more effectively than Retinol. However, after using one for a few weeks, my opinion has changed! So I decided to tell you about it in this week's blog!

Episode #43 - Do Red Light Therapy Masks Really Work?

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Do Red Light Therapy Masks Really Work?

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Do Red Light Therapy Masks Really Work?

What are the claimed benefits of red light therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a gentle and effective treatment for various skin concerns, in particular, the signs of aging. This type of therapy uses wavelengths of near infrared and red light to reach deep within the skin's layers, restoring cellular processes and promoting healing

Here are some key benefits of red light therapy:

Red light therapy

CurrentBody Skin offered me an opportunity to try their LED Red Light Therapy Face Mask. Watch my initial reaction broadcast live on my Facebook page, Michelle Fox Beauty HERE.  Are you following me on Facebook?

What were my results?

I used a free digital skin analysis app to evaluate my skin in four areas prior to using red light therapy. The areas analyzed were skin tone, texture, undereye area, and wrinkles. I then repeated the process after 10 days and again after 3 weeks.

The chart below shows readings from the app.

If you would like to use the app to get a digital analysis of your skin, click HERE.

Please note: these findings are in no way official! This is not a clinical study. My observations are for my own benefit, and do not prove or disprove the efficacy of red light therapy.

I wanted to look more closely at the results in order to compare them. With this in mind, I rearranged the information, sorting them by category.  

My initial reading is the top row, then my reading after 10 days, and my most recent results are on the bottom. (See chart below)

My observations are as follows: 

* FYI... Blue light therapy is typically used to reduce acne and acne scarring, but a study published by the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy in 2022 has shown that adding blue light therapy to red light therapy prevents the over-production of melanin (like the freckles I noticed early on). So if using red light therapy increases the visibility of your freckles or age spots, simply add blue light therapy to the mix. Over time, the benefits of blue light will allow the red light therapy to achieve the desired result of reduced discoloration.

Warning: not everything you read on the internet is true! Make sure your information is coming from a reputable source, such as a university, academy, or government agency.

Recommended Products

The multitude of styles and price points for LED light masks is overwhelming! Because of that, I suggest you read reviews from previous buyers. Another helpful resource is a "best of" list from one of your favorite beauty magazines. 

Here are two face masks that have excellent reviews:

This is the mask that I have and I really love it! It's comfortable to wear and easy to use. I plan on continuing my LED light therapy with this mask because of the improvement I'm seeing. (Thanks, CurrentBody!) And I plan on adding the device for neck and decolletage soon.

I consistently see this mask on top 10 lists, usually at the #1 spot. Check out this list by Vogue.

Buy on CurrentBody (use promo code FOX for 15% off)

Get it on Amazon.

I looked and looked for a mask that specifically featured blue and red light together for anyone concerned about freckles. This is the winner! It was voted #1 by Glamour magazine as the best overall LED Face Mask.

A combination of 100 light emitting diodes in red mode + 62 LED lights in blue mode work together to smooth wrinkles, diminish discoloration, and clear acne for a beautiful, youthful complexion.

Get it on Amazon.

This chart shows the the depth of impact for near infrared, red, and blue light.

Please note that near infrared, red, and blue light are the only therapies that have been scientifically proven effective for combatting the visible signs of age.

Light Therapy Chart

Another option for stimulating collagen and elastin production is  a Skin Cycling Routine. Watch mine HERE.

Wrap Up

Red light therapy is considered safe and effective by dermatologists. This non-invasive treatment is supported by science and approved by doctors everywhere. If you have tried red light therapy and experienced an increase (or lack of improvement) in discoloration, there is hope! Add blue light therapy to your routine and the excess melanin production will be stopped. I have been pleasantly surprised by my results using a light therapy mask and look forward to continuing my LED Red Light Therapy regimen!

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