How to Hide Ptosis with Makeup

Would you like to know my secrets for hiding ptosis with my eye makeup?

I have had droopy uneven eyes for all of my adult life but I didn't know it had a name (ptosis) until recently. What a godsend when I found a makeup artist who knew about this condition and showed me a technique for minimizing it. Over the years, I've adapted his application process and created what I am going to show you in today's video.

Whether you have ptosis or not, you'll learn how the size and shape of the brush, depth of the eye shadow shade, and placement on your eye impact your final look. 

Episode #14 - How to Hide Ptosis with Makeup

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How to Hide Ptosis with Makeup

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Causes of Ptosis

Read the article HERE.

Temporary Ptosis caused by botched Botox injection

temporary ptosis

In the case of Ptosis caused by improper Botox injection, the paralysis is temporary.

Botox applied too high on the forehead or too low (close to the eyebrow) may result in the inability to raise your eyebrows, giving you a "frozen-in-place look". Conversely, when frown lines are treated, a downward spread of the toxin paralyzes the muscles that lift the eyelids, causing the eyelids to droop. 

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My method

Watch the YouTube video for details on how I go from THIS

Michelle Ptosis


Michelle with eye makeup

Products used:

Eye shadow brushes from Robert Jones: click HERE

(I used brush #22 for highlight; #13 for crease; #11 to blend crease; #30 for outer corner; #27 to blend outer corner; and #28 to blend/clean-up inner corner.)

Eye shadow from Mary Kay: click HERE

(I used Biscotti for the highlight shade under my brow and on my lid; Hazelnut in the crease; and Burnished Bronze in the outer corner. I added Espresso as a liner and a "wall" along the border.)

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