Finding Your Perfect Pink Lipstick: A Comprehensive Guide 

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2024 by Michelle Fox

Finding your Perfect Pink lipstick just in time for Valentine's Day is the perfect gift to give yourself! Think Pink isn't right for you? In this blog, we'll take a look at a huge variety of pink lipstick shades. Understanding the undertone of your skin will go a long way toward finding the perfect pink for you. With that in mind, let's dive into the world of pink lipstick!

Episode #47 - Finding Your Perfect Pink Lipstick: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Woman

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Finding Your Perfect Pink Lipstick: A Comprehensive Guide

I believe there is a Perfect Pink lipstick for your coloring, personality, and taste. You don't agree? Well, I used to think that pink lipstick wasn't for me, but I have learned better. As a matter of fact, many of us believe that "pink" equals the pastel shade of baby blankets and bubblegum. But there are countless options when it comes to finding your perfect pink and I can't wait to introduce you to them!

Understanding the Color Wheel

In order to explore the world of color, we need to understand a little bit about color theory. So let's start by going over the basics of the color wheel. The color wheel separates colors into 2 categories: warm and cool

We talked about the color wheel in a previous blog, Using the Color Wheel to Select Eyeshadow Shades for Your Eye Color. Check it out!

The purity of the color is called the hue. When you add white to any color, you are adjusting its tint.  Similarly, adding gray shifts the tone of the color. The original hue plus black creates a new shade. And all of these change the original color, which makes an endless list of options! So of course there is a pink lipstick that will work for you!

See Hue, Tint, Tone, and Shade applied to basic Red in the photo to the right.

See Hue, Tint, Tone, and Shade applied to basic Red in the photo below.

Warm Colors

Think of warm colors as the sunny colors: reds, oranges, and yellows. If the undertone of your skin leans toward yellow (see box below), you will look good in pink lipstick with warm undertones

Does pink lipstick ever have a warm undertone? Yes, it does! 

Check out the Martian Colour Wheel*. The pink shades on both sides of red are all quite warm since they fall on the warm side of the wheel. 

* used with permission from Warren Mars. Visit his site here:

How do you know if your skin has a warm undertone?

Here are a few clues that suggest you have a warm or yellow/orange-brown undertone: you tan easily without burning when exposed to the sun; your visible veins have a greenish tint; you look better in ivory than pure white.

* used with permission from Warren Mars. Visit his site here:

Adjust the tint, tone, or shade of red and you can end up with a beautiful salmon, coral, or melon lipstick that may be the perfect pink for you! 

Cool Colors

Cool colors include blues, greens, and purples. Cool-toned pink lipsticks have subtle blue undertones. As you move a little further away from red on the color wheel toward purple and blue, you'll see colors like mauve, lilac, and magenta. Again, these can be soft pastels like a frosty cotton candy pink or bright and vibrant hues like neon pink or fuchsia. So many to choose from! If you have a cool undertone to your skin, these colors will look amazing on you!

How do know if your skin has a cool undertone?

Those with a cool undertone, meaning they have a pink or blue tint to their skin, have a tendency to either burn in the sun or to stay the same shade year-round. If your visible veins have more of a blue tint and pure white looks better on you than ivory, you may have a cool undertone.

Let's Talk About Nudes

Nude lipstick is thought to be neutral, as in, it goes with anything because it's your shade. Ideally, your perfect nude lipstick will be the same shade or slightly darker than your natural lips. Many nude lipsticks will have the word Pink in the shade, but not all nudes are pink. Nudes range from light beige to dark chocolate but it's possible you will find your perfect pink lipstick in the nude pink family.

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Achieving the Perfect Pink Lipstick Look

Application Tips for Pink Perfection:

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Wrap Up

Now that you have had some time to think about your own undertone and you have seen the variety of gorgeous pink lipstick colors available, I have a feeling you are looking forward to finding your Perfect Pink Lipstick! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! 

If I can help in any way, please let me know. Thanks for reading.  

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