10 Reasons why your eye makeup looks MUDDY!

Have you ever finished your makeup and wondered, why does my eye makeup look muddy and splotchy... just plain yucky... when I'm using the same colors I've used before? or I'm doing everything SHE is doing in the tutorial!

If you've ever used more than one eye shadow shade you have probably had this frustration. I'm here today to explain the TOP TEN reasons why your eye makeup looks muddy! 

Here we go...

Episode 9 - Muddy Eye Makeup

10 Reasons why your eye makeup looks MUDDY!

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10 Reasons Why Your Eye Makeup Looks MUDDY:

#10  Not using a quality palette.

You get what you pay for! Make sure you are using the best quality eye makeup you can afford.

See the products I use, HERE!

#9  Using the wrong colors.

The combination of colors is definitely a factor in the final outcome. Add to that, your eyes, hair and complexion may look better in some color families and not look good at all in others. 

Knowing which colors work together and flatter you takes some trial and error. When in doubt, ask an expert for guidance! 

(that's me!) https://www.michellefoxonline.com/contact

#8  Not blending properly.

Blending is always key in your makeup application. Don't make the mistake of neglecting to blend the edges of your eye look. The purpose is to soften the look and make the transition more natural. 

On the other side, if you blend too much, especially if you drag colors from one area to another, you are very likely to end up with a muddy, blotchy mess!

#7  Not using the correct technique.

Even though you are using (or should be) brushes, the motion is not a brushing back and forth motion but rather a patting on of the color. This gives you better color  pay-off and more precise control over placement. 

#6  Using too much product.

Less is more when it comes to makeup application. You can easily add more color if you need it, but removing excess color is almost impossible.  You usually have to take everything off and start over. And nobody has time for that!

#5  Not considering your eye shape and size.

Your eyes are not the exact size and shape of the YouTuber you are watching or the photo you found online. You have to adjust your technique (and your expectations) according to what you have to work with.

Find your eye shape HERE.

#4 Trying a look that is too complicated.

complicated eye look

You may be trying something that you aren't quite ready for. Some eye  makeup looks found on Pinterest have been created by top makeup artists with years of experience. Slow your roll, as they say, and try something a little bit simpler.

Here come the TOP 3 reasons why your eye makeup looks MUDDY...

#3  Not using different brushes.

If you are using the same brush for every color that you dip in to, the brush will combine all those shades into one splotchy muddy color! 

You need a variety of brushes for eye makeup application. 

One benefit of using a different brush for each shade is that you can choose the size and shape of the bristles based on how and where you want the color deposited. 

When you have specific brushes for your highlight, mid-tone, and contour shades, plus one to use as a liner, one for blending and so on, the eye color on each brush stays true and the final look is easier to achieve and much more flattering.

#2 Not using eye primer. 

It's a crime not to prime!

Eye primer has so many benefits. I never skip this step! (Get mine HERE!)

Eye primer:

gives the shadow something to cling to so application is easier
provides a more intense, truer color pay off
prevents shadow from creasing and fading throughout the day
makes lids appear smoother
allows easier blending 
some have ingredients such as retinol palmitate that fight crepiness

And the #1 Reason why your eye shadow looks MUDDY is...

#1 Dirty brushes!!!

If you are using your brushes for a variety of colors and textures over a long period of time, all of those pigments are combining and affect every application that you do! 

Add to that the dead skin, oil and bacteria that are in those bristles, and you have LOTS of great reasons to regularly clean your brushes! Once a week is suggested.

Remember to let your brushes dry either horizontally off the edge of a counter or upside-down so the water doesn't seep into the barrel where the glue is located! Water will weaken the bond and your bristles will fall out. 

makeup brush drying rack

Wrap up...

Did you have an "a-ha" moment? Which of these 10 reasons is your personal saboteur? 

Be sure to let us know in the comments what you think about these 10 reasons; whether you make any changes to your eye makeup routine; and of course, your results!

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