5 Must-Have Make-Up Updates for Women Over 40

Posted August 18, 2023 by Michelle Fox

These 5 Must-Have Make-Up Updates for Women Over 40 will take you from frumpy to fabulous in a flash! As mature women, our face changes as we age. And as a result we need to make adjustments to the placement and application techniques used.  But never fear! These changes are very quick and simple! And once you have made the switch, you will look and feel more like your youthful self again!

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5 Must-Have Make-Up Updates for Women Over 40

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5 Must-Have Makeup Updates for Women Over 40

Women over 40 must update their makeup routines in order to make the best of the changes that come with the passage of time. While the basic principles of makeup application remain the same, certain adjustments can make a significant difference. 

5 Must-Have Makeup Updates

Makeup Update #1

Apply cheek color on the apples of your cheeks, coming from above.

Wearing your makeup higher really does give your face a "lift"! Deposit the blush at the full part of your cheeks (the apple) coming from above and be extra careful to keep the product "high and outside" (think of baseball... LOL!). Then bring the blush along your cheekbone toward your hairline. Blend as needed.

Makeup Update #2

Pay attention to your eyebrows... seriously.

You may have had full eyebrows in your youth, but odds are, they are getting thinner and lighter, especially at the tail. No worries! Get a great shape with the help of your stylist, a brow expert, or a stencil, and maintain them daily. Find a brow pencil/liner/definer that is a good match for you (not quite as dark as your hair if you are brunette; slightly darker than your hair if you are blonde). And keep it simple. Outline the underside of your brows and then fill in with short feathery strokes, making an effort not to overly round out the area nearest your nose.

Makeup Update #3

Your highlight shade is more important then ever and it's time to shift the darker shades a little higher.

The basic concept of a light shade on your lids and under your brow; a midtone shade in the crease; and a darker accent shade in the outer corner in a "seven" or "v" shape remains the same. But now, more than ever, your highlight color helps brighten and bring life to your eye area. Also, be aware that you will need to bring the darker shades (midtone and accent) a little higher than you did in the past so you can see the colors when your eyes are open. Our lids become "hooded with age", so we must accommodate that. And we can! With color!

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Makeup Update #4

Avoid drying lipstick formulas.

Yes, the idea of lipstick lasting for 12 hours sounds like a great one, but often times those formulas are very drying and damaging to your lips. Dry, matte textures are also very aging. So flip that around and go for something very creamy and full of shine with lots of healthy moisture. Look for lipstick formulas with words like "hydrating", "glossy", "vitamin enriched" and "moisture-rich".

Makeup Update #5

Don't give up on eye liner!

Although it's tempting to skip the liner as our eyes become weaker and applying it becomes more challenging, the definition and lift that it gives your eyes is worth it! Invest in a lighted magnifying makeup mirror (click HERE to see mine!) and take your time. If getting a perfectly straight line is difficult, no problem! A soft muted look is just fine. Try using eye shadow applied with a thin eyeliner brush or using a traditional liner and smudging with a brush or Q-tip.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, when we continue applying our makeup the way we did when we were twenty as we reach our forties and beyond, we are not doing ourselves any favors! As our face changes, so must our approach to makeup placement and application. A few quick and simple adjustments are all it takes to have you back to feeling and looking like your younger self, so why not shake up your make up today? These 5 Must-Have Makeup Updates for Women Over 40 are a great place to start! 

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