Jade Rollers - what exactly do they do?

Jade Rollers are a hot commodity, especially around the holidays. I received one as a gift for Christmas a couple of years ago from my daughter, and even though I am in the beauty industry, I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it! I knew it had something to do with facial massage, but being the detail person that I am, I needed to know more!

This video was the result of my Jade Roller investigation...

(Originally broadcast live on my Facebook business page, Michelle Fox Beauty. The audio is subpar; so I apologize in advance!)

Jade Rollers - Episode 2

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Jade Roller - what does it do

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Jade Rollers - Past & Present

Jade rollers have been around for thousands of years, dating back to the 7th Century China, where the practice of facial massage was reserved for the elite. Evidence has been found of jade rollers being used by Egyptians and Mayans throughout history as well. 

Jade was thought to have anti-aging power and the ability to soothe and heal. Jade gemstone also stays cool to the touch, which aids in reducing facial puffiness. 

Here are even more qualities attributed to jade in ancient times:

the ability to flush out impurities
restoration of energy - Chi
Jade Rollers - what do they do

Surprisingly, the thoughts of these ancient cultures were not far off. Jade facial rollers are used today for many of the same benefits!

The scientific benefits of using a jade facial roller:

lymphatic drainage
improves elasticity of skin
helps products penetrate deeply
stimulates circulation

How do Jade Rollers work?

How does a simple tool like a jade roller provide these benefits? 

The gentle pressure of the roller when directed toward the lymph nodes of the side of the face and neck will initiate lymphatic drainage, which reduces puffiness of the facial area and can even alleviate nasal congestion. (I have experienced this firsthand!) Coupled with the cooling properties of the jade stone, many notice an immediate reduction in undereye puffiness. (Helpful hint: keep your jade roller in the refrigerator or freezer for an extra cool boost!)

The same massage rolling action tightens and tones the skin, which improves elasticity and firmness and may even reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Jade rollers also allow skincare serums to penetrate the skin more deeply, becoming even more effective problem solvers.

And the facial massage stimulates circulation which improves blood flow and gives your face a flushed, vibrant appearance. 

Short & Long Term Results of Jade Rollers

The immediate benefits of using a jade roller are evident: reduced puffiness, brighter complexion, possibly even relief from nasal congestion. 

When used consistently, jade rollers improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. Some say that over time, jade rollers lead to clearer skin and reduced appearance of fine lines, but some disagreement remains among dermatologists regarding those claims.

One thing everyone agrees on is the importance of cleaning your roller after every use so bacteria isn't being deposited on your skin, which could lead to acne or other skin irritations.

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Jade Rollers

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Jade Rollers

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