Boss Babe Basics:

Mastering Essential Skills for Long-Term Success!

getting leads ~ presenting your products ~ nurturing relationships ~ marketing on social media

This unique hands-on digital course shows you step-by-step how to:

find leads without being pushy and annoying!
showcase your products so people can't wait to buy from you!
build relationships that lead to customers for life!
create posts on social media quickly and easily!

This course is for someone who...

is NEW to direct sales or network marketing
wants a refresher on basic sales skills
is interested in updated marketing strategies
thinks it's time for a fresh start
is ready to "re-launch" their business

"The most valuable investment you can make is in yourself. Dedicate time to learning, and you'll accrue a wealth of wisdom that pays dividends for a lifetime." Warren Buffett


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Have you been asking any of these questions lately?

WHERE SHOULD I LOOK FOR LEADS?  You've already talked to friends and family with limited results and don't want to approach strangers. Now what?
HOW DO I GET PEOPLE TO TRY MY PRODUCTS?  You've heard it all! From "I can't afford it" to "I tried that before." How do you convince them to give you a chance?
WHY DON'T I HEAR FROM MY CUSTOMERS? The few friends who have purchased don't return your texts. No one posts in your groups. What are you doing wrong?
WHAT SHOULD I BE POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA? You know you're supposed to post on social media but what should you say and where should you say it? 

By the end of this course, you will know how to...

find new leads for your business ANY time 
confidently talk about the benefits of your products
nurture your relationship with customers
get consistent engagement on social media

If I were stepping into the world of direct marketing today, there's one person I'd want in my corner: Michelle. Her grasp of all the tricks of the trade is unmatched. From navigating the nuances to seizing the best opportunities, she's the one you want to guide you through it all. Her expertise isn't just about knowledge; it's about the real-world insights she effortlessly shares, making the complex seem simple. Michelle's the mentor you want, especially when starting out in the dynamic world of direct marketing.

Tina Faye Schwahn

Real Style | Real Life
Independent Personal Stylist and Image Coach

"Investing in your education is the key to unlocking a future of limitless possibilities. Commit to learning, and you'll discover the tools to build the life you envision." Michelle Obama

Ready to take action today?


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What others are saying ...

Michelle is an amazing teacher. I have taken three of Michelle’s courses. She goes in depth and lets you learn at your own pace and is there for you every step of the way. She has a great sense of humor and is a very caring person. I can’t wait for the next course.

DaleAnn T.

Monterey Park, CA

Michelle is a hilariously fun, knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated trainer. Her teaching style makes learning easy and impactful at every learner's level. If you're looking to up level business at a doable pace ... , I highly recommend doing it with Michelle Fox. She is amazing!

Theresa T.

Flossmoor, IL

Boss Babe Basics is a 4 week digital course consisting of pre-recorded video trainings, live workshops, Q&A time, a private Facebook group, and an online hub where all of your resources are stored.

Let's break-down the content:

Getting Leads

Module 1

First we'll change how you think about yourself and your business and then we'll brainstorm together until you have leads for days AND strategies for contacting them that suit your personality & values!

Presenting Your Products

Module 2

Selling is so much more than simply showing people what you sell. You'll learn about the "pain points" of your customers and how to demonstrate the ways your products or services meet those needs.

Nurturing Relationships

module 3

Getting leads is great, but learning how to make quality connections that lead to lifelong relationships is the goal! We'll discuss practical ways to create customers for life!

Marketing On Social Media

Module 4

Everyone is on social media, which makes it a very smart place to promote your business. Let's talk about marketing your business online without being spammy or pushy.

Added Bonuses When You Purchase This Course

Private Group Membership (value = $300/annually)

Bonus 1

You will have ongoing access to our private Facebook group with additional resources plus interaction with other direct sellers and network marketers and coaching from me. You will absolutely cherish the relationships you make here!

Live workshops (value = $500)

Bonus 2

Each week I will go live with a specific activity for us to complete together that will ensure you are applying the information you learned in the lessons for that module. (These workshops will be recorded for later viewing as well.)

Live Q&A  (value = $500)

Bonus 3

I will meet with you virtually to answer your specific questions and help you move forward in your business. I am here to hold you accountable, provide encouragement, and guide you as you form a vision for your success story.

Optional Module: The Power of Video (value = $99)

Bonus 4

Lessons on why video is an effective way to reach your audience and how to easily make them! By the end of this optional module, you will have made a live video using your phone, as well as a Reel to post on multiple platforms!

Lifetime access to course  (value = priceless!)

Bonus 5

Members of this course will have lifetime access to all course materials, including recorded videos, recordings of our live workshops and Q&A sessions, printables, and recommended resources. This includes all updates and future upgrades!

Approximate value of bonuses = $1399+

I absolutely love Michelle! She is so thorough with the way she explains and breaks things down! She makes things so easy to understand and follow. I truly can’t say enough amazing things about her!!!

Shamecca Stephens

The How To Entrepreneur


Inside this course, you get...

4 Modules

Each module includes 3 pre-recorded video lessons that you can watch anytime.

4 Workshops

Once a week I will go live to help you implement the weekly lessons.

5 Q&A Sessions

We'll meet virtually every week, including a wrap-up  session in week 5.

Private Group

Enjoy ongoing membership in our private Facebook group with access to me 24/7!

Michelle Fox

Why I made this course

I have loved teaching since I was a little girl. 

Teaching something that I am passionate about to someone eager to learn is an absolute privilege. Sharing videos with you on my YouTube channels and Facebook groups has been a true highlight of my career.

I often get beautiful messages from many of you saying how much you appreciate the training, especially because you don't have contact with your upline... or in-person training isn't available in your local area... or the coaching you are getting doesn't feel authentic... and therefore you did not feel equipped to build your business until you started watching my videos. But you wish I had them in some sort of order...

I decided that it's time to put something together so you don't have to "hunt and peck" to find the right training at the right time! These modules build upon one another and will be a great foundation for you as you begin or continue to expand your business.

I believe that you will find these lessons beneficial and I can't wait to hear about how you apply them!

"The greatest investment you can make is in yourself. Seize the opportunity to sharpen your business acumen through education. Enroll in a business course and pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow." Oprah Winfrey


Cart open for a limited time only.

Exclusive training with founder of
Boss Babe Academy, Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox became an independent beauty consultant with a skincare and cosmetics company in June of 2000. After working her business primarily in person for almost 20 years, she decided to expand online in 2018 by creating a private Facebook group and live videos. Little did she know this would be the beginning of an entirely new chapter in her career.

She quickly discovered the power of social media marketing and went on to study personal branding, video production, and content creation. Her avenues of income multiplied through opportunities such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships, paid advertising, digital files, and customized merchandise while she continued learning and promoting her direct sales business.

Boss Babes Online, a free private Facebook group, was formed in 2021 as a way of sharing her newfound-knowledge with others in network marketing, and in 2022, Michelle created a separate Boss Babes Online YouTube Channel ,and launched her first digital course, 5 Day Transformation.

Now Boss Babe Academy features four courses and a group coaching opportunity

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