Finding Your Perfect Match - foundation, that is

If you don't like foundation, you probably haven't found the right shade or finish, but when you discover your perfect match, everything changes! 

Foundation enhances your natural skin tone, makes it more even and gives it a beautiful glow. The overall effect is very natural and not "noticeable", so who wouldn't want that? 

Finding your perfect match is actually much easier than you may think and with so many shades, formulas and finishes, your perfect match is surely waiting for you! 

Episode # 4 - Finding Your Perfect Match

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Finding Your Perfect Match

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Let's Get To It...

These 3 simple questions reveal the right foundation for you, because if you are a foundation hater, my friend, it's simply because you haven't found your perfect match!

3 Questions

What is your undertone? 
What is your shade category?
What finish do you prefer? 

Let's break each one down:


The undertone (underlying shade) of your skin is one of these three: 

warm (yellow/ gold/ olive/ bronze-brown)

cool (pink/ blue)



(Another way to find out: CLICK HERE)

Determine your undertone with one very simple question: how does your skin react to the sun?

If your skin tone deepens in the sun and you rarely, if ever burn, you are likely a warm undertone.

You are probably neutral if you initially burn but afterward turn a deeper shade. (This category can also be used for someone who simply cannot figure out his or her undertone!)

Those who often burn in the sun or whose skin tone is unaffected by the sun are typically a cool undertone

perfect match - foundation

Stripe Test

Fine-tune your final foundation shade selection with a "stripe test". Choose three shades to compare and whichever one disappears into your skin is your match!

Shade Category

ivory beige bronze

Three must be the magic number, because once again, you have three options for your general shade category: Ivory, Beige or Bronze.

If you had to categorize yourself into one of those three categories, what would it be?

A large range exists within each of those categories. You can be a very light beige or you can even between deep ivory and a light beige, but getting a general idea of your shade category is really going to help narrow down your options. 


Sometimes women have a negative impression of foundation because they were introduced to a foundation that was the wrong formula or finish. More than one type of foundation awaits you, friend!

Liquid foundation, mineral powder, cc cream, cream foundation in a compact, foundation sticks... you name it! And each type has a different finish as well. 

When considering the type of foundation to choose, you want to consider your skin type (dry normal, oily, blemish prone or combination) and the overall look that you are going for.

Some Examples...

If you are over 50, with dry skin and want full coverage to camouflage age spots* you want to get a luminous (also called dewy) liquid foundation. You may even want to top it off with a setting powder or mineral powder foundation for additional coverage. 

Perhaps you have oily skin or you are blemish-prone; maybe you are bothered by the "feel" of products on your face; or you don't want a "made up" look; in any of those cases a lightweight, sheer, possibly oil absorbing formula with a matte finish would be great for you. You can get this in a tube or as a mineral powder. Some brands even offer medicated foundation for acne issues.

For anyone who likes a natural look and feel and appreciates a multitasker, try a BB or CC Cream! They are typically sheer and offer a luminous effect plus a lightweight moisturizer. BB and CC Creams are easy to match because the shade options are usually limited and many have the added benefit of sunscreen.

How do you  apply  your foundation?

 I've used every one of these! How about you?

fingers - make sure your hands are clean
sponge - most sponges are meant to be used wet
traditional flathead brush - squirt product onto back of your hand and use like a palette
angled brush - newest type of brush; product can be applied directly to bristles

More product suggestions

foundation primer - smooths the surface of your skin, reduces the appearance of the size of your pores and helps foundation apply smoothly and last longer
setting spray - preserves the look of your foundation throughout the day
setting powder - absorbs shine, sets your foundation and adds another layer of coverage

Have you met your  match today?

Are these questions helping you determine what foundation you should try next?

If you are ready to find your perfect match, your next step is to talk to a beauty professional. They are more readily available than you may think!

Anyone at a beauty store such as Ulta or Sephora or a high end department store beauty counter, such as Macy's, is trained to answer these types of questions. 

Independent Beauty Consultants who have their own direct sales business are also well equipped to help you find the right foundation shade.

And if you prefer to shop at big box stores or the neighborhood drugstore, call the Customer Service 1-800 number or go to the website of the brand that you are interested in and ask for more information about the undertone, shade category, formula and finish of their various foundation lines.

To Wrap It Up...

When you find the shade that works with your undertone and a formula that gives you the overall look and feel that you love, you will wonder why you waited so long to find your perfect foundation match! 

I'd love to see pics of your stripe tests and final results too! Comments, feedback and photos are always welcome here!  

Your take-away should be that even if you had a negative experience with foundation in the past, it's time to give it another try! You have so many options and experts available to help. And I'm one of them! 

Click the button below if you would like my assistance with foundation matching.

*Read more on how to camouflage age spots with the right foundation HERE

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