Fall Makeup for Mature Eyes

Fall is such a gorgeous time of year (once you get over the passing of summer, if you live in the mid-west like me where summer months are considered Nirvana). The rich colors in the environment are quickly reflected in the clothing, decor, and, yes, makeup, all around you. 

Being a woman of mature status (a.k.a. over 40), the often times shimmery golds and glittery coppers in autumn makeup looks are a bit intimidating considering that I try my darnedest to hide the loose skin and crepiness on and around my eyes, and that reflection is not going to help!

Pair that with the new realization that my skin is getting cooler... yes, our undertone CHANGES as we age... cooler every year, so the orangey browns and reddish purples just don't feel like "me" anymore. 

What's a trendy girl my age gonna do?

That's exactly what we're going to talk about (and I'm going to SHOW you!)

Episode #6 Fall Makeup for Mature Eyes

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Fall Makeup for Mature Eyes

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Eye shape and eye makeup application

Yes, you can wear Fall GLAM!

As we mature, our complexion becomes cooler and the texture of our eyes becomes crepier, but that doesn't mean women over 40 are excluded from Fall Glam!

Fall makeup can look gorgeous on you with a few prep steps and some adjustments to your application techniques.

Ready, Set, PREP

apply moisturizer and allow time to absorb
apply an appropriate amount of eye cream and allow time to absorb
always use eye primer!!!
if your primer is colorless, consider adding an all-over base color or concealer to hide discoloration or unevenness on your lids
make sure your makeup brushes are clean and ready to go!

Brushes are best

If you've only used the small disposable applicators that come with your eye makeup compact, you are denying yourself the experience of a flawless eye makeup look! Brushes make a huge difference in how your makeup is deposited, how it blends, and your overall results. In this demo I'm using brushes created by makeup artist, Robert Jones. The brushes I am using are #'s 11, 13, 22, 27, 28 and 30. 

Know your palette

I am using the limited edition Warm Hues Palette by Mary Kay in today's demo. I have tried all of the colors a few times before jumping in to this tutorial and was surprised to discover that some of the shades were different than I expected, and was delighted to find out that many of the shades have multiple uses!

When working with new or difficult shades (very dark/dramatic/not your "colors") give yourself a few practice opportunities before the real thing and don't judge too quickly whether you like the palette or not. Sometimes you just need to change your technique to get the most out of each shade. 

Shop the palette HERE

Warm Hues
Eye Shadow Palette

Golden Possibilities

the most shimmery of the six shades
needed more body underneath, which is why I chose to use a matte vanilla shade as an all-over base
also use as a highlighter along the top of your cheekbones
I applied it just under my browbone and in the tear duct area

Bronze Horizon

between a shimmer and a pearl; very easy to blend
I added this as a second accent in the outer corner of my eye
this would also make a great shimmery eye liner

Peach Daydream

much brighter than I expected
I used it on the center of my mobile lid
a really fun "pop" of color!
Fall Makeup for Mature Eyes

Sienna Skies

my favorite shade in the set
a matte eye color that is ideal as a midtone/transition shade; I used it in the crease of my eyes
also use as an all-over bronzer or a contour just under your cheekbones

Dream Big Brown

another matte shade; very easy to blend
I used this as the darkest color (accent) in my outer corner
also use as an all-over bronzer or a contour just under your cheekbones

Purple Vibes

more red than I expected; but it is the key shade giving this palette the look of a sunset
I used a thin eye liner brush creating a "wall" with this shade between my lower lashes and (almost to) my brow; I then feathered the color inward
also use as a cheek color or a very matte lip stain

To Wrap It Up...

The key to makeup application over 40 is understanding the changes happening to your eyes and your skin tone, and the adjustments that need to be made with your prep steps and application technique to accommodate those changes. 

Your take-away should be that your eye shadow shade choices are not limited by your age! You can learn how to work with colors and textures to flatter your mature eyes. Knowledge is power! 

Click the button below if you would like my assistance finding the right eye colors and application technique especially for you! 


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