Want to look younger? Exfoliate! Here's how...

The natural exfoliation process slows as we age, therefore, if you are a woman over 40, the exfoliating step is more important now than ever before! 

Our 4th and final Beauty Secret in this series is - Exfoliation. If this is a step that had low priority in your regimen in the past, this video is about to convince you otherwise. 

There are three types of exfoliating products and one of them is sure to appeal to you. They all result in smoother, brighter, more even-toned skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles and less chance of acne breakouts. Sounds like a winning situation to me! So let's dive in and discuss the many beautiful benefits of exfoliation!

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Beauty Secret #4 - Exfoliate - Episode #34

Why Exfoliating is more important for women over 40!

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Beauty Secret #4


Exfoliation involves removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, and it is especially crucial for women over 40. As we age, our skin's natural exfoliation process slows down, leading to a buildup of dull, lackluster skin. By incorporating exfoliation into your routine, you can promote cell turnover and rejuvenate your skin, revealing a radiant, youthful glow.

Benefits of Exfoliation for Mature Skin

Reveals a youthful glow
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Improves skin texture
Boosts product absorption
Evens out skin tone
Helps prevent breakouts
Enhances makeup application

Are you convinced that exfoliating is beneficial? Great! Now let's focus on the 3 main methods of exfoliation and how to choose the one that is right for you! 

You can exfoliate your skin through physical, chemical or enzyme exfoliation methods. I'll list some examples below.

Types of Exfoliation

physical exfoliation includes using a loofa, facial scrubs, and microdermabrasion (either in-home or at the dermatologist's office). In each case you are physically causing the removal of the dead skin.
chemical exfoliation involves a chemical process which relies on the absorption of a particular ingredient such as glycolic acid or polyhydroxy acid. These ingredients are absorbed into the skin and can work (on their own) from the inside out. No physical scrubbing or additional tools are required. 
enzyme exfoliation is new to me. Considered the most gentle form of exfoliation, this uses fruit acids like pineapple and papaya to gently remove dead, dull skin cells.

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When selecting an exfoliator, it's important to consider your skin type and specific concerns. For sensitive or reactive skin, opt for gentle exfoliation like enzyme or mild physical exfoliants. If you would like to try stronger products like glycolic acid, gradually add them to your regimen to give your skin time to acclimate.

Exfoliation is not something that needs to be done daily. Shoot for 1-2 times per week for normal skin and up to 3 times per week for oily or combination skin. When in doubt, consult your dermatologist or skincare expert.

And avoid overexfoliating! Yes, this is a thing. You can strip your face's natural oils and compromise its protective barrier, so be sure to read all instructions provided with your products. 

Final Thoughts...

To put it simply, exfoliation is the secret weapon in your skincare arsenal, working tirelessly to refine your skin's texture, brighten your complexion, and enhance its overall appearance while preventing acne and enhancing product absorption and makeup application. 

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