Decolletage Care: Rejuvenate your Neck and Chest

Posted May 17, 2024 by Michelle Fox

Let's talk about caring for our decolletage as we age! Our neck and chest often show signs of premature aging due to sun damage and, frankly, neglect. Wrinkles, sun spots, and sagging skin are tell-tale signs that the area is not getting enough attention. But fear not! With the right skincare routine and products, you can nourish and rejuvenate this delicate area, revealing smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Today's blog will explore simple yet effective steps to keep your neck and chest looking radiant and ageless. And, as always, I'll give you lots of product recommendations too!

Episode #52 -  Decolletage Care: Rejuvenate your Neck and Chest

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Look Younger by taking care of your Chest and Neck

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Decolletage Care: Rejuvenate your Neck and Chest

What is your "decolletage"?

The literal meaning of the word decolletage is "expose the neck". Often used to describe a plunging neckline on a blouse or dress, it most commonly refers to our neck and chest area that is typically exposed even when we wear clothing. Think of where your necklace hangs. That is your decolletage. 

My previous blog, How to Prevent, Delay, and Diminish Those Sagging Jowls - No More Turkey Neck! discusses ways to firm up your neck and jowl area.

I'm going to give you my top 5 tips for keeping, or regaining, a youthful-looking neck and chest area. And I will give you some product suggestions and additional beauty tips for each one! Are you ready? 

5 Tips for a Youthful Decolletage

Tip #1: Gentle cleansing and daily moisturizing

Treat your neck and chest like you do your face when it comes to achieving and maintaining a youthful glow! This skin is particularly thin and delicate, so be sure to keep these suggestions in mind: 

Tip #2: Sun protection

The best defense is a great offense! Prevent damage by applying sunscreen to your neck and chest daily. Mineral sunscreen is best because it needs no time to absorb and is safe for sensitive skin. More details below:

Speaking of sunscreen, did you see last week's blog, Chemical vs. Mineral Sunscreen: which one should you choose?

Something to note: these tips are given in order of importance. If you are interested in knowing the order of application, I suggest the following: 

chemical exfoliation (2 x weekly in evening); gentle cleanser & moisturizer (2 x daily); additional hydration (evening); age-defying supplements (2 x daily); sun protection (morning).

Tip #3: Anti-aging treatments

You guessed it! The very same anti-aging treatments that you use for the wrinkles, sun spots, and crepey skin on your face can be used on your neck and chest as well. There are many products on the market specifically for the decolletage, but consider using what you already have on hand. Here are some suggestions:

Tip #4: Exfoliation

You may be surprised that I recommend exfoliation of the decolletage area since I previously pointed out that this skin is particularly delicate. Nonetheless, exfoliating dead skin will help reduce discoloration. Because you want to avoid harsh scrubbing, this is the perfect time to use a chemical exfoliant such as a glycolic acid peel.

Tip #5: Additional hydration

In addition to the basic steps of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, adding hydrating products to your regimen is another way of maintaining a youthful decolletage. Consider trying any of the following:

Check this out: self-adhesive overnight silicon pads are available to wear over your decolletage to help hold in moisture and prevent compression wrinkles while you sleep. View Silc Skin Decollette Pad HERE.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, taking care of your neck and chest doesn't have to be complicated. By incorporating daily cleansing and moisturizing, sun protection, anti-aging treatments, exfoliation, and extra hydration into your skincare routine, you can maintain a vibrant and youthful decolletage. Remember to choose products recommended for this area and to be consistent with your routine. With a little love and attention, your neck and chest can defy the effects of time, allowing you to flaunt smooth and radiant skin for years to come. Cheers to embracing age gracefully!

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