Day to Night Holiday Look for 2022

If you are looking for a simple day-to-night look for your holiday 2022 eye makeup, this video is for you! I will show you how I take my everyday look from "daytime casual" to "holiday glam" by adding a couple of very quick and easy steps with my favorite brushes from Robert Jones and eye makeup products from Mary Kay! 

This eye makeup technique is how I apply eye shadow for my "over 40" eyes every day! It features Chromafusion eye shadow from Mary Kay Cosmetics, my all-time favorite makeup, and a makeup brush line from makeup artist, Robert Jones. 

Watch until the end to hear which two makeup brushes I claim have changed my life! 

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Episode #16 - Day to Night Holiday Look for 2022 

Day to Night Holiday Look for 2022

With every blog I like to provide a free resource for you. If you didn't snag it last week, you're going to love this list of Twelve Tips for Perfect Eye Shadow Application. I can't wait to hear which tip you found most beneficial!

12 tips for perfect eye shadow application

Day to Night Holiday Look for 2022

For our eyes I'm using shades from the Chromafusion collection by Mary Kay. I'm also using brushes from the Robert Jones collection that I talked about on my business page, Michelle Fox Beauty over 40, on Facebook. 

Click HERE to watch.

I'm using the one of the three brushes that I said were the basic three for someone learning how to use makeup brushes and added two new ones, #27 and #28 from Robert Jones. 

The colors featured are Biscotti and Crystalline for our highlight colors; Hazelnut for our mid-tone; and Cinnabar for our accent. Onyx was used as our eye liner.

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Shades used...

Biscotti (matte highlight)
Crystalline (shimmer highlight)
Hazelnut (matte midtone)
Cinnabar (matte accent)
Onyx (matte liner)

Also mentioned was Berry Couture semi-shine lipstick by Mary Kay.

If you are a fan of Black Honey from Clinique, I think you'll like this shade!

For application instructions, please watch the video. Thanks!

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I hope you enjoyed this post. I love sharing new tips and thoughts on "all things beauty", specifically designed to help women over 40 look and feel their beautiful best. Please share any content ideas that you have for this blog in the comments. I appreciate you!