Breaking Free - 

Shattering the Top 3 Myths
Holding You Back
from the
Success You Deserve!

Let's crush these limiting beliefs and rewrite your story!

This workshop is for you, if you've ever felt like...

you have run out of people to talk to about your business...

no matter what kind of promo you offer, no one seems interested...

your Facebook group is a waste of time - no engagement, no growth...

During this FREE 60-minute live workshop we will expose 3 common misconceptions that consultants often have, and reveal the TRUTH that will set you free!!!

workshop Highlights

What You'll Get During These 60 Minutes:

An extensive list of ideas for generating leads without relying on friends and family!
A new and exciting strategy for avoiding the biggest pitfall when introducing your products or services to new contacts!
The secret to increasing engagement and adding members to your groups on social media while establishing an online presence.

Got questions? I've got answers! 

Is this workshop really live?

Yes! 100%!!! I'm hosting 3 separate LIVE workshops with "real-time" chats and some Q&A at the end!

I'm not sure this is really for me. Can you explain who this workshop is for.

This workshop is for anyone in network marketing who is frustrated because you aren't sure where to find leads beyond friends and family; you've done what you thought you were supposed to do at parties and on social media, and yet your sales are disappointing; the advice you get is to "post more... text more... message more..." but you don't want to be a Spamela Pamela. I believe there are 3 crucial mistakes being made over and over by many consultants, and that once you correct them, all of the above issues will resolve themselves!

I already have lots of training from my company. Is this any different?

Great question! I'm not training from any particular company's point-of-view. I am speaking from years of personal experience and lots of interaction with other consultants in direct sales. The pitfalls that I discuss during the workshop have to do with the way we think, and company training rarely delves into our thought processes. 

What happens if I can't make it live?

You can watch the replay, but that will only be available for a limited time. I have three time slots available, so please make every effort to watch live so you can ask questions and get personal feedback from me!

Will there be a chance to ask questions during the workshop?

Yes! That's my favorite part! I really want this to feel like an interactive experience. You will get a workbook and a chat will be running throughout the workshop. You can comment and ask questions at any time!

Is this really free?

Free means free! If you know me at all, I love a good deal, and free is the best deal of all! 

About your workshop host

Hello! I'm Michelle Fox

I became an independent beauty consultant in June 2000 and believe me, I wish I knew then what I know now! 

Time and experience have taught me so much. Maybe it's the firstborn child in me, but when I learn something, I want to spare those coming up behind me from making the same mistakes! 

If you know me from one of my YouTube channels or my Facebook group, Boss Babes Online, you are probably aware that I speak from the heart and say what I really think, whether it's a popular opinion or not. 

I believe that's why new consultants and those who are discouraged reach out to me. They know I care and I'll be honest.

This workshop focuses on three areas that are brought up most. 

I certainly don't have all the answers, but I have insight that I know will help you and many others.

Since it's free, you may as well check out what I have to say, right? At the very least, you will eliminate 3 mistakes that most people are making in their business!

I hope to see you there, my friend. We have a lot to talk about! 

Contact- Michelle Fox

Courses equipping you to:

  • create a professional Personal Brand
  • establish a distinct Online Presence
  • attract your ideal Customer Avatar
  • produce Value-Added Content
  • set-up strategic Automated Systems 
  • build an Email List
  • multiply your Avenues of Income

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