Acrylic, Gel or Dip - Which artificial nails are best?

Acrylic versus gel nails has been a debate for quite some time, but now dip powder is available as well. Which type of artificial nail treatment is best? 

In my quest for information about the differences between these three nail options, I discovered some unsettling facts. So as we discuss all the benefits of each method of applying artificial nails, we'll also discuss the drawbacks and then come up with a couple of alternatives that I enjoy even more! 

Episode #12 Acrylic, Gel, or Dip - Which artificial nails are best?

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Artificial, Gel or Dip - which artificial nails are best?

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Acrylic Nails

acrylic nails

Gel Nails

gel nails

Dip Powder Nails

dip powder

Alternatives to artificial nails

nail wrap, such as Color Street
press-on nails, such as Dashing Diva Magic Press press-on nails

Watch the Color Street "How to Apply" video HERE.

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To Wrap It Up...

As much as I love the ease and longevity of artificial nails, I really appreciate the simplicity and safety of wraps and press-ons. But whatever you prefer, it's important to take time to look and feel pretty. Not everyone wants to embellish their nails, but if this is your thing like it is mine, now you have all the information needed to make the right choice for YOU!

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