How Your Hair Changes as You AGE, and what you can do about it!

This week we're talking about the ways that hair changes with age. These changes have been a bit of a surprise for me, but the more I understand them, the easier they are to manage. We're going to cover topics like hair loss and the change in texture and density, as well as what steps you can take to proactively prepare for these changes. Fortunately, hair care companies are becoming more aware of the need for products in this niche market and you'll be happy to know that many effective products exist that will help thicken and strengthen your aging hair to ultimately make it look more youthful.

Watch until the end when I let you in on a new fave of mine! A company that creates products specifically for mature women. You're going to love it!

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How Your Hair Changes as you AGE - Episode #23

Mature Hair - preparing for the changes that come with age

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Aging Hair - what to expect

Ways your hair changes over time

individual strands become thinner as melanin decreases (change in texture)
the number of hairs on your head will decrease (change in density)
as hair loses melanin, it makes the rest of your hair appear lighter (change in color)
hair becomes dryer and more fragile (change in hair type)


* See your doctor if you want to try a topical solution such as minoxidil (Rogaine) to address hair loss

* Get the right cut - long layers may give it more body
* Check your diet - protein and iron are needed for healthy hair
* Use products that moisturize - for example, products made for curly hair
* Know your texture and density - it will be different than in your youth
* Use a soft boar bristle brush - gentle on delicate strands and distributes natural oils
* Use a dandruff shampoo even if you don’t have it - soothing & moisturizing
* Stay away from hot tools - let hair air dry & use "warm" settings
* Stay away from too much hair spray - alcohol is drying and the look is aging
* Build body (and cover gray) with fiber powders like Toppik.

I was so excited when Better Not Younger reached out to me because they thought their products were a great fit for me and my audience! So far I've had the privilege of trying their hair thickener spray, which gave my hair a lot of body without being sticky or tacky. The ingredients are all-natural and a little dab 'ill do ya, so it should last quite a while. You can get 20% off with my promo code:  MICHELLE.FOX20OFF

Lift Me Up hair thickener
by Better Not Younger

Final Thoughts...

Like everything else I've faced as a "mature woman", the more I understand what is happening, the more empowered I feel so that I can cope with the changes. I do not love having thinner hair. I do not love having gray hair. But I get it. It's part of the deal. And I have options. And so do you. I hope you found this blog helpful! 

Please let us know in the comments what products or tips you have found beneficial in dealing with your aging hair. 

And remember, our goal is getting better not younger! I love that... 😉

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