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12 Questions to get to Know Your Ideal Customer Avatar

An ICA, Ideal Customer Avatar, is a detailed description of the perfect person for you to do business with. After developing a detailed ICA, you will better understand the needs and wants of your target market, which will enable you to present the benefits of your products and services more effectively. You will also be keenly aware of where to find ideal customers and clients, both online and in-person. 

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I felt stuck in my business, but once I found the right audience, success quickly followed!

Michelle Fox Online

hi! i'm michelle fox

I've been training my direct sales team for over 23 years and recently expanded via the internet to teach many others! My areas of expertise are personal branding, attraction marketing and video production, but I also believe strongly in good old fashioned sales skills: book, sell, build your team. 

"Nothing happens until somebody sells something!"

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Once you click the button to request your freebie, you will be asked to confirm your information and that you would like to receive email from me; then you will get a pdf file emailed to you that you can view online or download and print. 

 12 Questions to get to know your Ideal Customer Avatar is yours to keep! Enjoy!!!

work smarter, not harder

Expand your business online organically with these tips

Create an online presence with your own personal brand rather than relying on the name and branding of your national corporation
Develop your ideal customer avatar so you know where to find them and how to effectively reach them online
Draw customers to you as you showcase what your business has to offer; rather than chasing after them asking for the sale 
Recreate yourself on social media as a Public Figure and show up consistently as an expert in your field 
Offer value-added content asking for nothing in return, developing the "know, like and trust factor" with your audience 

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If the above five tips sound great, but you aren't sure how to implement them, then you do NOT want to miss this business building opportunity! 

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The 5 Day Transformation, for only $45!

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12 Questions to get to know your Ideal Customer Avatar!

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