A brief video welcoming you to the course and providing a broad overview from course creator and instructor, Michelle Fox.


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    8 replies to "Overview"

    • Vthomaslj

      I’m Vthomaslj, and I’m a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Just gave up my Directorship. I’m ready to go all-out as much as I with a day & 1/2 a week
      On Facebook. Thank you for the welcoming video, and for putting this course together. I’m excited to used this course to change my business.

    • makeyouover

      My Goal: To Add Living Back To My Life♡♡

    • shingy1

      looking forward to moving mountains

      • Michelle Fox

        Yaaasss!!! I love your attitude! I can’t wait to watch you do great things!!!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the video! I’m excited to see how this course can take me to this next level!

    • DaleAnn

      Thank you for your welcoming video.

      • Michelle Fox

        You are so welcome, DaleAnn! Thanks for your support!

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  • attract your ideal Customer Avatar
  • produce Value-Added Content
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  • build an Email List
  • multiply your Avenues of Income

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