Charcoal mask to the rescue!

Why do I have a shiny face? I'm over 40 (well over 40!), so shouldn't I have DRY skin now? 

Just when you think you have your skin type figured out, hormones or humidity or who-the-heck-knows-what? throws you a curve ball and you have too much oil. What's a girl to do? 

I reached for my trusty charcoal mask because I know it absorbs excess oil in addition to a whole lot of other things! And then I wondered if all of you know the many benefits of a charcoal mask, the ultimate skincare multitasker. 

And this week's blog was born!

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Episode 8 - Charcoal Mask - the ultimate skincare multitasker!

Charcoal Mask - the ultimate skincare multitasker!

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(Including activated charcoal!)

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Charcoal Masks - the ultimate skincare multitasker

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Benefits of Activated Charcoal

exfoliates without stripping your face of natural oil
deeply cleanses pores
soothes acne
removes blackheads
tightens skin
detoxifies & purifies the area

Some additional benefits of the charcoal mask that I use in the video are: brightening of the skin; reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; and more even skin tone.  (Click HERE to learn more)

Get more info on the benefits of activated charcoal HERE

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Benefits of Bentonite Clay

absorbs excess sebum (oil)
calms inflamed skin
removes impurities which leads to fewer pimples
reduces the effect of toxins
soothes poison ivy

My Charcoal Mask Experience

I said I would show you a picture as the charcoal mask dried (and my mama taught me never to lie!).

 Check this out!

Charcoal Mask - the ultimate skincare multitasker
Charcoal Mask - the ultimate skincare multitasker

My favorite part of this blog, by far, is hearing from YOU! 

What have you done to address sudden oily skin? Have you ever used a charcoal mask? What was your result? 

Feel free to ask questions here as well because I will answer each one personally!

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