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I help female entrepreneurs embrace the potential of online marketing and establish a personal brand without a sense of overwhelm so they can create a business and lifestyle they love.

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Success Unlimited

Success Unlimited

Mastering Essential Skills for Unprecedented Results! a 5-week online course

Fast Track to Facebook Success

Fast Track to Facebook Success

a step-by-step video training on the strategic use of Facebook to massively grow your direct sales business quickly and easily!

5 Day Transformation

5 Day Transformation

Create an online presence in just one week! Originally a live 5 day webinar; now offered as a "go-at-your-own-pace" video…

Become a YouTuber in Just 5 Days!

Become a YouTuber in Just 5 Days!

Create a YouTube channel for your brand or business and learn how to "optimize" it so your audience grows quickly!

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Ready to get TONS of Leads right on Facebook!

n this video, I give you 5 QUICK & EASY steps you can take TODAY to begin setting yourself up to get quality leads for your direct sales or small business through Facebook. These are literally things you can do immediately after watching! So get excited and get ready to notes!

Get more CUSTOMERS right NOW!

I'm going to give you TEN specific practical ideas that you can implement RIGHT NOW to reach out to new contacts!!! Lead generation must be mastered if you want to grow your business. Fortunately, new leads can be found in a variety of ways. No matter what your personality is, something here will resonate with you!

Ideas for selling your INVENTORY!

Have you ever wondered, "Do I really need a YouTube channel for my direct sales business? Am I allowed to have one? What are the benefits? How do I get started?" The most important answer is YES!!! You need a YouTube channel for your direct sales or small business, and I'm going to give you the TOP FIVE reasons WHY. Then I'm going to offer a way to start your channel quickly and easily! 

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Simple, non-spammy ways to find new customers and sales!

If you feel stuck, this workbook can help! 

ALL NEW Workbook to help you identify who you are marketing to!

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Recommended Courses from other trainers

If you are wondering who I studied under to achieve the online presence that I currently have, these are my favorite "gurus". I have taken each of the following courses and benefited immensely from them. I recommend each one to you without hesitation. Keep in mind, I didn't take them all at once! I took them one at a time, when I was ready. You got this!

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

with Tanya Aliza

What if you could attract perfect-for-you buyers, clients & customers from social media and convert them into life-long raving buyers that obsessively love and share your brand with everyone they know? You'll build your own blog and website!

My List Building Bootcamp

with Tanya Aliza

The hands-on, step-by-step

“6-weeks-to-a-sales-focused-funnel” for entrepreneurs who want to see perfect-leads come in all day, every day (without the tech overwhelm,
information overload, and half-baked “tactics”). This course took me to the next level!

Simple Profits Accelerator

with Kathleen Rumford

You spend money online.

Why not make some too?

We live in an amazing time right now where it's just never been easier to leverage the ability to make content and make money. But you don't need a social media following for this to work which is what separates this from other things. You don't have to be an "Influencer"... you just need to learn to become a PaidCreator!

Interested in the beauty biz?

If you would like more information about making money through a direct sales beauty business, click the button below or send an email to michelle@michellefoxonline.com.

Real-life Beauty Advice

Don't let age change you;

 change the way you age.

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